About the Red Line Parkway Initiative

The Red Line Parkway Initiative (RLPI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers diverse communities to enjoy, develop, and enhance the Red Line Trail and Parkway corridor to serve Central Texas mobility, recreation, parks, arts, affordability, social equity, physical & mental health, public space, and economic needs. The RLPI accomplishes this primarily through recreation/entertainment events, educational/informational events, outreach to community leaders and organizations, education to elected and public officials, general media marketing, collaboration with trail planners and builders, collaboration with real estate developers and property owners, and providing a consistent community institution to advance the Red Line Parkway.

The Red Line Parkway is a proposed linear park and public space along the planned Red Line Trail, extending 32 miles from Downtown Austin to Leander. Our vision is a thriving, inclusive, multi-functional parkway that provides convenient, enjoyable, car-free access to transit, parks, public art, and other urban, suburban, and rural destinations.

Donations made to RLPI are tax deductible as charitable contributions. (View IRS 501(c)(3) status determination letter or Texas tax exemption letter.)

For more information, please contact Tom Wald via email or 512-203-7626.

Board Members:
Tom Wald, President & Treasurer
Chris Riley, Vice President
Jacob Villanueva, Secretary
Mary Pustejovsky
Eric Goff

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