Vote & Action for Props A & B

Thank you to all who showed your support in July to Austin City Council to place funding for trails, sidewalks, bikeways, and safety on the Austin ballot in the form of Prop B!

My estimation is that most of you have already voted and have voted in support of Prop B, and for Prop A to significantly expand our high-frequency, high-capacity, and dedicated-lane transit network. Thank you, if you’ve voted in support! If you haven’t already, the Initiative encourages you to vote ‘yes’ to both propositions. They complement each other: Better walking and bicycling improves access to transit, and better transit extends the reach for walking and bicycling trips. Together, these propositions will provide funding to build networks that will serve hundreds of thousands of people every day.

Even if you have already voted, there is more you can do within the next several days to help Prop A and B win voter approval:

  1. Visit the Prop A campaign website to take action.
  2. Visit the Prop B campaign website to take action.
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The latest from The Initiative

(This post was originally sent as a newsletter on February 27th, 2020. Join our newsletter list here.)


Thank you for being a part of the Red Line Parkway community! I’d like to give you an update on what’s going on at the Initiative and provide some news of what’s going on along the Red Line corridor.

  • We’re continuing to build relationships, including in Leander, with local staff of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), new friends of parks, and others along the corridor,
  • We are actively pursuing Parkway funding to be on the November 2020 Election ballot,
  • We continue to work with partners and other stakeholders on active trail projects to ensure that there is enough space to build the Parkway,
  • We are preparing our next phase of outreach and Parkway planning for this year,
  • And more.
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Launch Party Recap

We are thankful for the great showing of support for the Red Line Parkway at our Launch Party on November 21st, 2019!

Thanks again to our special guests Austin City Council Member Leslie Pool and Capital Metro CEO Randy Clarke for their inspiring words. From Council Member Pool, "Remember: This is just the Launch. There is a lot more work ahead," and from Mr. Clarke, who relayed how trails complement urban rail on Boston's Red Line, e.g., at the Alewife Station.

Pictured (l to r): Capital Metro CEO Randy Clarke, Austin City Council Member Leslie Pool, RLPI Executive Director Tom Wald

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