Initiative Goals

The Red Line Parkway Initiative (RLPI) accomplishes its mission through planning the creation of the parkway, creating a public presence for the parkway, recreation/entertainment events, educational/informational events, outreach to community leaders and organizations, education to elected and public officials, general media marketing, collaboration with trail planners and builders, collaboration with real estate developers and property owners, and providing a consistent community institution to advance the Red Line Parkway. The existence of a large, broad, and engaged community in support of the Red Line Parkway will foreshadow a popular and cherished Austin amenity after implementation.

Our major goals for 2020:


Plan the Parkway

  • Research the corridor for right-of-way constraints, property details, and parkland opportunities.
  • Develop an initial parkway plan, including detailed alignment alternatives and opportunities for parks and trail-oriented development, in consultation with industry experts, government stakeholders, and community leaders.
  • Develop a broader public engagement process for 2021.

Fund the Parkway

  • Ensure the inclusion of parkway funding in the November 2020 Election package.
  • Identify and pursue other public funding avenues, including federal and state calls for projects (via CAMPO) and from private landowners along the parkway.

Implement the Parkway

  • For funded parkway sections, partner with City of Austin departments, Capital Metro, property owners, community leaders, and other stakeholders to maximize the potential for the parkway to meet mobility, parks, and other community needs.
  • Install wayfinding signage for existing, interim parkway route along the Red Line corridor.

Establish and Activate the Parkway

  • Host and support trail opening events.
  • Expand the Initiative’s offering of parkway community events, develop robust parkway marketing, and create an adopt-a-trail program, by hiring an additional staff member.
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