Initiative Goals

The Red Line Parkway Initiative (RLPI) accomplishes its mission through planning the creation of the parkway, creating a public presence for the parkway, recreation/entertainment events, educational/informational events, outreach to community leaders and organizations, education to elected and public officials, general media marketing, collaboration with trail planners and builders, collaboration with real estate developers and property owners, and providing a consistent community institution to advance the Red Line Parkway. The existence of a large, broad, and engaged community in support of the Red Line Parkway will foreshadow a popular and cherished Austin amenity after implementation.

Our major goals from 2019-2021 include:


Establish the Parkway

Create wayfinding along the corridor, completion of the trail from the Northern Walnut Creek Trail to Braker Lane and from Braker Lane to McKalla Place, installation of new ped & bike traffic counters, and completion of several additional minor trail segments and on-street connectors.

Parkway Funding

Major funding approved for the trail via November 2020 Austin Election, inclusion of trail underpass or bridge at Lamar Blvd. within intersection plan, inclusion of new shared-use paths along U.S. 183 at Red Line within TxDOT plan, and apply for other major trail funding.

Parkway Planning

Create parkway alignment vision plan for short-term (by 2020), medium-term (2020-2024), and long-term (2024-2039), identify new park and public space opportunities along the parkway, identify and catalog all properties adjacent to the corridor, develop an affordable housing growth and anti-displacement plan for the corridor, facilitate public visioning process for a more robust parkway plan.

Public Partnerships

Establish formal relationships between RLPI and City of Austin and between RLPI and Capital Metro, inclusion of the trail within Capital Metro’s 2020 double-tracking study, inclusion of the RLPI Vision within the City of Austin Urban Trails Master Plan, commitment by TxDOT and Capital Metro for trail underpasses or bridges at highways.

Community Partnerships

Identify and establish relationships with 100+ vicinity or metro-wide organizations, host periodic public information events, establish 5000+ individual supporters, establish 500+ individual donors, and establish 50+ regularly engaged volunteers.

Activate the Parkway

Produce quarterly public events on the Red Line Parkway, co-host rides/walks/runs/rolls, establish and coordinate adopt-a-trail program, begin flagship walk/run/bike/skate/roll fundraising event.

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