Our History



We unite partners and communities to successfully plan, fund, build, and activate a celebrated Parkway that will be enjoyed for generations. 





We are creating a welcoming parkway connecting communities from Downtown Austin to Cedar Park to Leander. The Parkway provides an inclusive, car-free alternative for travel to area destinations, transit, and public spaces, cultivating a safe place to bike and walk for ALL.




Connecting Communities
We are committed to developing a trail system that provides safe and easy access to destinations, promotes sustainable travel options, and brings communities together.
Access for ALL
All of our work is done with social justice, racial justice, and equity in mind. We believe the Red Line Parkway can play a significant role in improving accessibility and promoting inclusivity by creating a space for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to enjoy the outdoors together.
Sustainable Transportation
We value the role of this parkway in fighting climate change by encouraging car-free transportation, providing safe access to transit, accessible routes for people walking and bicycling, and serving as a model for creating more resilient, sustainable communities in the future.


Parkway Advocacy
RLPI deeply values the partners that are contributing to this project by building the trail, identifying funding, and upholding best practices and community preferences. The Red Line Parkway offers an exciting opportunity for private and public partnerships to develop one of the longest trail systems in central Texas, serving generations to come.
We recognize the importance of creating a safe environment, by providing a separate space each for cyclists and pedestrians, away from cars for everyone to enjoy. Safety also goes beyond this foundation, to include overcoming the unique barriers experienced by different communities.
We believe the Parkway will provide numerous health benefits by providing affordable options for recreation and physical activity, promoting social interactions, and improving air quality.




Plan the Parkway

Create a new trail plan and other supporting plans to build the Parkway:

  • Engage the community, government agencies, and other industry experts to develop the Red Line Parkway Plan, to include detailed trail alignment alternatives and anticipated funding mechanisms to implement the Parkway, plus gather initial input to inform future planning, e.g. for parks and trail-oriented development.
  • Convene a Community Advisory Group of residents and community leaders.
  • Continue to convene the Technical Advisory Group of key government staff members.

Fund the Parkway

Raise funding to build the Parkway:

  • Identify and pursue direct public funding avenues, including local bond elections, and federal & state calls for projects.
  • Identify and pursue inclusion of the Parkway in roadway and transit projects, e.g. I-35 and Project Connect.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities for new developments to include construction of the Parkway.


Build the Parkway

Ensure that there is space to build the Parkway and work with agencies as they build the Parkway:

  • Ensure car-free crossings at major transportation construction projects, e.g. I-35, Project Connect, and Corridors.
  • Ensure that funded portions of the Parkway are designed well, by working with the City of Austin, Capital Metro, property owners, community leaders, and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure that new developments reserve right-of-way for the Parkway, and that they interface with the Parkway well.
  • Identify an existing legible bicycling and pedestrian route from end-to-end and ensure immediate improvements such as signage and safe crossings.

Activate the Parkway

Create programming and promote the Parkway:

  • Maintain an online interactive Parkway map.
  • Host Parkway activations, including bike rides and walks.
  • Install limited Parkway signage.
  • Rebrand the project.





Our History


The Red Line Parkway Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a vibrant trail and Parkway along the Capital Metro Red Line, connecting Downtown Austin to Cedar Park and Leander. Our goal is to unite partners and communities to plan, fund, build, and activate dedicated spaces for cyclists and pedestrians along the Parkway. This Parkway will provide car-free transportation options that are accessible to ALL members of the community options while fighting the effects of climate change.

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Our History