Speak up by Fri 1/19 for a key Red Line Parkway connector along Parmer Lane

16 January, 2024

Our Austin-area government for transportation planning, CAMPO, is leading a key study for Parmer Lane (FM 734). Parmer Lane is a critical corridor for the Red Line Parkway, since it has the potential to provide the only safe bike/ped access in the area, where none exists. Parmer Lane could also become an essential part of the Red Line Parkway itself until the trail is built through the large Robinson Ranch area just to the east of Parmer Lane.

This is such a critical moment to shape this area. The virtual open house and survey are open just a few days longer. Please take the following three quick steps, by this Friday, January 19th:

  1. Visit the Parmer Lane open house.
  2. Take the survey.
  3. Leave comments on the interactive map.

In your survey responses, you can amplify our core request for the project:

“Please provide a minimum of 12'-wide shared-use paths (for bike & walk traffic) separated from motor vehicle traffic by a solid barrier (such as guardrail or jersey barrier) on both sides of the highway.”

Oftentimes, these surveys seem almost too easy and quick to complete, but please do follow through to help us complete the Red Line Parkway!