Help us win this week!

02 August, 2021

If you’ve been waiting, this is the day to make your donation, large or small. The top three organizations in our national campaign tier to receive the most unique donations by the morning of August 9th will receive a bonus of $4000. A unique donation is any donation $5 and up this week, per each person with a unique email address. That’s it!

First, click to make a donation (large or small).

Then send a quick email to 5-10 of your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors to ask them to donate this week. 

Here’s a suggested draft for your email today:

Subject: Need your help for a cause I care about

I’m sending you this quick email to ask if you can help me with the Red Line Parkway Initiative to win a fundraising challenge this week.

To advance the 32+ mile Red Line Parkway over the last year, we’ve brought together all the local government agencies, secured new trail easements, and teamed up with local peers to secure new trail construction funding. We’re underway to raise funding to expand our community engagement and co-create an end-to-end trail plan for the Red Line Parkway, and I need your help to win this competition for matching funds.

If you could make a personally significant donation (even just $5 counts toward the challenge!), I would really appreciate it! We want to win, and it is fast and easy to donate:
The competition for the most unique donors of $5 and up just started and ends Monday, August 9th at 11am!

Thank you,
(Your name)

(Or click this link to start with the above draft email.)

If we win this challenge, that means that we also reach our total campaign goal of $10,000, which will help us to hire staff and expand our community engagement & communications for the Red Line Parkway! With your help, we’ll make it to the top!