September 2021: News & Opportunities from the Red Line Parkway Initiative

07 September, 2021

We're thankful you're tuning in! We have a few important updates and actions that we'd like to share with you.

Travis County Approves Funding for the Red Line Parkway Plan

Last week, the Travis County Commissioners Court approved $100,000 for the Red Line Parkway Plan in their FY22 budget! This is huge, and will help continue our momentum to get started on the new plan. We thank county staff and Commissioner Brigid Shea for shepherding our budget request through to a 5-0 vote seconded by Commissioner Travillion (and almost seconded by Commissioner Ann Howard). The Red Line Parkway will connect all four Travis County precincts to each other and to Williamson County.


Donors Support Our Work

If you missed our last nudge to support our work on behalf of the Red Line Parkway, don't miss this chance! Your contribution will help support our work to develop the Parkway Plan.

Interested in learning more about how you can get involved with the Parkway as a sponsor? Send us an email today!

Navasota-to-Onion Trail Section Just Opened!

It's only a block long, but this section has been long awaited by those using the Lance Armstrong Bikeway portion of the Red Line Parkway. Heading east from Downtown Austin, you can now continue on the trail east of Navasota St. to Onion St. From there, you can continue eastward along the alleyway to where the trail picks up again at the Concho St. alleyway. City of Austin staff will be updating the alleyway signs to facilitate two-way bicycling and scooting.

View the context of the new trail on our new map.

Image: TxDOT's illustration of proposed Red Line Parkway crossing at 4th Street

I-35 Capital Express Central

TxDOT released its latest plans for the 8-mile I-35 Capital Express Central project. The great news is that they've listened to your input and responded by proposing car-free crossings for the Red Line Parkway at both crossings! This proposed design would mean that you could run, walk, bike, and roll over both the I-35 main lanes and the frontage roads. We believe it's important to show your appreciation, even if you think the overall project still needs more work.

While we are thankful for the car-free crossings, we also believe that the proposal still needs work. We've joined a coalition of voices asking that the project be no wider and no higher than the existing highway. TxDOT is proposing a wider highway that would remove dozens of residences and businesses, plus broaden the barrier to those walking, bicycling, and rolling across I-35.

Capital Metro Webinar on Red Line

This Thursday, September 9th at 12:00 noon is your first opportunity to provide input on Capital Metro's Red Line projects since voters approved Project Connect funding last November. The webinar will introduce new designs for the McKalla, Broadmoor, & Lakeline Stations, plus updates on double-tracking work, quiet zones, and overall Red Line news.

ATX Walk Bike Roll Survey

The City of Austin is updating its Urban Trails, Sidewalks, and Bikeways plans through ATX Walk Bike Roll. Their survey, open through Sept. 26th, will shape ATX Walk Bike Roll in several ways. Learn more and take the survey....

Get outside!

Check out some of the trails that the Red Line Parkway will connect into, or explore the growing Red Line Parkway itself. Check out our new map for ideas!